618 Mid-Year Grand Sale!

618 MID Year mobile

China e-commerce companies are well known to have crazy discounts and promotion especially on the 11.11 SINGLES DAY. However, many people often miss out on the 618 MID-YEAR GRAND SALE as they are not familiar with it.

In short, it is knowns as the second-biggest sales in China which happens on 18 June hence the name 618. This sale is started by JD.com which introduced the 618 campaign in China for its anniversary in 2010 which happens in the month of June and on the 18th. 

Taobao & Tmall which are the top e-commerce companies in China would offer non-stop discounts, exclusive angpows and vouchers to celebrate the 618 mid-year grand sale. Many customers who are not keen to waiting till end month for the 11.11 sales, would splurge on the 618 sales instead.

The Taobao 618 Mid-Year Sale sellers on Taobao/Tmall can reduce pricing by nearly half and offer limited-time red packets Ang Pow and vouchers.  There is something for everyone, as Taobao sell almost everything you can think of.

It is also known that house electronics items are the fastest-selling during the 618 Mid-Year Grand Sale. So, keep an eye on highly discounted home electronics product!

It is definitely not easy buying directly from Taobao during this season, especially with complicated procedures and money exchange. This is where Buymall comes to help all Malaysian with your 618 shopping!

618 Sales with Buymall

Buymall helps customer to purchase and handle packaging until your doorsteps (or you can opt for pickup!) Not only that, all transactions are in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) and our customer service are always ready to help you!

Buymall offers great deals and discounts together with the already on-going 618 sale for customers. This year 2021, Buymall has big discounts such as:-

  • Daily Bpoint Reward
  • Buy-For-Me Fee Capped At Maximum RM18
  • Free 1st KG of Sea Freight
  • Cashback Reward
  • 100% Shipping Fee Cashback

Click the link below to learn more about the 618 sales in Buymall!

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